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Warehouse storage solutions for none palletised goods

It’s true that pallet racking is the most common type of warehouse storage system, but what if your inventory is too long, too big, too small or too delicate to store on pallets? Which storage solutions are available to support your inventory needs?

Here you will discover various cost effective solutions specifically designed to not only store irregular sized goods, but also maximise your storage capacity and streamline the picking process just as pallet racking storage can:

Warehouse shelving solutions

For individual or small boxed items warehouse shelving is an ideal solution and it comes in various formats with additional accessory options. Warehouse shelving is a fast, flexible cost effective solution and WSL provide an extensive range all of which can be specifically designed to suit your exact requirements:

Shelving for small light weight items

  • Short span shelving system–Hand load your small light items onto short span shelving with ease.Consisting of uprights short span shelving system with timber, steel or mesh shelves, this very versatile system can be adjusted in a matter of minutes to support changing needs at any time. Section dividers, trays and draws are optional accessories to help organise your small items as well as side panels for extra protection.

Shelving for small bulky items

  • Long span shelving – If your items are small but bulky and a little on the heavy side long span shelving may be the Long span shelving perfect solution. Ideal for hand loading weighty singular items, the system is made up of shelves of your desired length on horizontal beams fitted within vertical frames. The adaptable shelves make this an ideal solution for products which vary in size, weight, quantity and turnover giving you the flexibility to support multiple inventory types at the same time.

Shelving for small items with fast turnover

  • Carton Live Shelving – Increase loading and picking sufficiency for your fast flowing small items. Using gravity fed automation, the slightly leaning shelves consist of rollers which enables newly loaded cartons to slide down to the picking face from the loading side. This is ideal for fast paced operations and is especially suited if inventory is perishable. The system works by the First-in First-out (FIFO) method, providing fail safe stock rotation automatically.

Shelving for low turnover items

  • Mobile Shelving – This is a compact system which is fully enclosed. For access, manually or electronically powered rollers beneath the base of the shelves allow you to open the structure at the location required which then creates a temporary aisle. Your items can be kept safe whilst in storage, protected from dust and light making it ideal for archive, back stock rooms or museum storage.

Multi tier your shelving system

All shelving systems are designed to not only support your inventory requirements, but also maximise your multi tier shelving system storage capacity. If you are looking to drastically increase storage capacity and have sufficient height space, shelving can be built tall with integrated walkways through a mezzanine floor installation and staircases for access. This is ideal when storing large volumes of infrequently picked items and depending on the number of floors, you can double or even triple your storage capacity.

Whatever your shelving requirements, WSL can help by providing expert advice and bespoke shelving designs. We will take time to understand your products and your operational needs before designing a solution to meet your exact requirements.

Warehouse Racking Solutions

If your items are unsuitable for shelving WSL can provide a range of bespoke racking systems ideal for particularly long length, bulky or heavy items:

  • Cantilever racking– Made up of a robust central structure with supporting cantilever arms on which Cantilever for timber storage long loads can be stored horizontally. Highly versatile and very adaptable the structure can be reconfigured easily to suit varying needs with the option of single or double sided storage with added durability for external use if required.
  • D-Divider Racking – Allow your long length products to stand tall by storing them vertically. The structure consists D Divider racking of a central base with D shaped dividers between which the products are stored, preventing them from leaning and falling.


As a designer and manufacturer of both cantilever and D-divider racking WSL can guarantee your racking system will be designed and manufactured to your exact specification. Having an in house factory allows our designers and fabrication engineers to work closely on your project. Once manufactured we will deliver direct to your site and install your racking for you.

Warehouse storage for garments on hangers

Garment Hanging System – Prevent your delicate cloth items from becoming snagged or creased with a garment hanging system. This sophisticate system can be built across multiple levels with incorporated floors to provide walkways accessed by stairs and the option of lifts. The system enables you to streamline your operation by providing direct access and fast effective picking.

As part of a larger project which included a Garment hanging system range of multiple storage solutions WSL recently designed and installed an exceptionally large garment hanging system with integrated mezzanine floors, filling half of a 49,000sq ft distribution centre. The other half we installed boxed storage consisting of shelving and mezzanine floors.

Warehouse storage for carpets and flooring

Carpet and flooring racking – Load your long rolls into a carpet racking system which consists of deep running shelves supported by beams fixed within a robust frame. Loading is made easy by using a special attachment on a standard fork lift truck. The beam height can be adjusted to suit your needs as and when they change and you can further increase storage capacity by placing the racks back to back.

Why you should choose WSL

Here at WSL we use our in depth knowledge and experience to design the perfect solution whatever your inventory type and operational requirements.We will begin this process with a free site survey so you have the opportunity to discuss your requirement in person with one of our highly experienced designers and ask any questions you have.  For over thirty years WSL has been putting the needs of our clients at the fore front of everything we do as a designer, manufacturer and installer. Your project will be managed until completion by your appointed WSL Project Manager who will keep you up to date throughout.

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