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Do you want to store long rolled items and save space? You can with carpet racking!

Jan 5, 2021 | Warehouse Racking

Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of carpet or other rolled products looking to source a cost effective, high quality storage solution? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Specialist racking for warehouses that require storage for non-palletised rolled items even at varying lengths and weight is available in the form of carpet racking. What’s more WSL has the knowledge and expertise to provide a solution so unique to your operation that your space will be maximised whilst inventory is fully supported.

To get you started on your journey to understanding the benefits of carpet racking and how it works, we have answered your most frequently asked questions bellow:

What is carpet racking and how does it work?

Organise your rolled items, store them safely and access them easily with carpet racking, a highly effective warehouse racking system designed to support your inventory, operation and utilise space.

Depending on the product type, rolled items can vary in length and weight whilst some can be sensitive to its surrounding elements. For such items pallet racking storage is an unsuitable option however, carpet racking storage is a very viable option and is suited all types of rolled items including carpets, vinyl, artificial grass and package wrapping.

The structure of carpet racking is configured using end frames and very deep running decked beams that are sized to suit the length of your items. The decks run the length between the beams on both ends to support the items ensuring they remain firmly in place. In compact bundles, items can be stored horizontally within the pigeonhole style compartments which are sized to achieve maximum storage.

WSL has a strong team of highly experienced warehouse racking designers, one of whom will visit your site to assess your space and discuss your requirements with you in detail. This will enable us to design a carpet racking system that will perfectly match your needs including bay length, width, volume and type of decking.


Does carpet racking require a specialist fork lift truck?

There’s no need to invest in specialist handling equipment. Standard fork lift trucks use the assistance of a fork lift boom to retrieve and replenish stock. This is an attachment which mounts easily to fork lift truck and will detach just as easily. The boom is an inexpensive solution used to increase the abilities of the fork lift truck. By adding this lengthy pole shaped tool any standard fork lift truck can pick and put away long rolled items simply by hooking through the centre of the rolled item.

Where can I source a fork lift boom attachment?

WSL is a British manufacturer of bespoke storage solutions and ancillary equipment including fork lift truck attachments. We can design and manufacture your fork lift truck boom attachment here at our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire in accordance to your fork lift truck specifications so you can be sure the boom will perfectly fit your equipment. You can trust our commitment safety and quality which is reflected through our Full SEMA member accreditation and the UKCA certification which is now in the place of the CE Marking BS EN 1090.

How does carpet racking maximise space?

The key to making full use of your space when implementing carpet racking is through horizontal storage. Slotting your long rolled items into long running racks uses less height space per item than it would if you were to stand them up tall. This is how carpet racking works to save space. It allows you to store more of one item without compromising height space and utilising floor space so each carpet type for example can be stored together in a bay with plenty more bays above and alongside for other carpet types. The dimensions of a carpet racking bay designed to suit the size and volume of your inventory to ensure storage capacity is maximised and because carpet and other similar products are short in height when laid rather than stood, the bays are much smaller than a pallet racking system bay so you have the advantage of additional storage spaces.

Taking away the pressures of limited floor space, carpet racking can be built tall so additional stock wont effect your floor space, and the racks can be placed back to back to save even more floor surface area.

Our expert designer’s are keen space savers and will go to great lengths to ensure a design that will maximise your available space whilst supporting your operation.


Will my stock be easy to monitor?

Once stored neatly in their dedicated racking bay, your items are clearly visible. You can count your stock without the need to move items or access the racking bay. Capet racking encourages organisation of stock by providing a bay for each type of product. For example, you can separate carpet colours by storing each colour in its own slot.

Is carpet racking flexible?

Carpet racking is easy to reconfigure and adjust to suit changes to your inventory volume, width or length. The dimensions of the bays can increase or reduce by moving the beams to a new position or depth can be reduced or extended by adding or taking away bays. With carefully designed carpet racking you can be equipped to handle unexpected or planned peaks in stock volume.

Carpet racking by WSL

Carpet racking by WSL is designed to maximise floor space whilst offering suitability to rolled products of varying dimensions, weight and length. Every operation and their available space is different which is why  WSL have a team of highly experienced Design Technicians who will use their wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure a completely bespoke design whatever the weight, length or volume of your inventory.

Carpet racking not quite what you’re looking for?

Perhaps carpet racking isn’t the right system for the products you’re looking to store. Here are some other specialist racking systems for none palletised items all of which WSL can design to suit your individual needs before being manufactured at our in-house factory in Leeds:

Coil Racking – Perfect for reeled items such as wire, rope, paper or package wrapping because it keeps your product safe and secure whilst allowing you to take the amount you need as and when required. The coil on which the product is reeled around is fitted within the frames of a sturdy structure and turns as you extract the amount you require.



Cantilever Racking – Perfect for long, heavy and oddly shaped items, this system uses cantilever arms fixed to a robust central base. These arms act to support the weight and length of the items once loaded using a forklift truck and can be altered to suit your changing needs with ease.


D-Dividers – Where items are long yet light enough to be manually handled, the items can be stood tall and leaned into the structure. Here they are supported and prevented from sliding over by the D shaped brackets at either side of each bay.

D Divider Racking


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