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How to safeguard your warehouse and reduce costs using Guide Rails, Barriers and Bump Stops

Sep 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

Designed to keep your warehouse structures, equipment, inventory and most importantly your staff safe, guide rails, Barriers and Bump Stops have a huge role to play when it comes to warehouse safety. Their use will ensure the traffic flow within your facility is done safely by segregating routes and areas to allow operated handling equipment and staff to move without endangerment.

WSL offer a wide range of affordable and easy to install solutions and as a manufacturer of bespoke steel guide rails designed for endurance and high visibility our guide rail solutions advance in cost effectiveness.

The purpose of Guide Rails, Barriers and Bump Stops

Even in the safest of warehouses, accidents will happen however with guide rails in place the impact of those accidents on people, structures, inventory, equipment and the building is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated. Guide rails act as a shield surrounding your valuable structures or machinery. An initial assessment by one of WSL’s experienced designers will help ensure the guide rails are placed appropriately ensuring the highest protection for your most valuable structures, equipment and machinery. We can anticipate high risk areas and eliminate vulnerability as staff and equipment move around the facility.

Pallet racking with end of ailse barriers


Protection from moving handling equipment – Guide Rails & Bump Stops

Picking and loading pallets to and from pallet racking structures and moving large heavy loads around the warehouse, the fork lift truck plays a vital role in day to day warehouse activities. Whilst essential to the business, the fork lift truck also carries a significant risk to both staff and structures whilst in motion. Even with the most up to date operator training, collisions can happen especially in a busy warehouse environment. The fork lift truck consists of a robust frame which could cause significant damage to structural components when knocked and bumped repeatedly. This can lead to the structure weakening and the eventual collapse which would have catastrophic consequences on your business.

Guide rails are used to prevent such incidents or minimise the impact should they occur making them a necessity in any warehouse. By fixing a guide rail around pallet racking for example, the guide rail will steer the truck away from the area or take the force of the heavy impact should the truck accidentally veer towards the pallet racking which will then escape the collision. WSL fabricate guide rails using high quality steel ensuring strength is retained on impact. Through smart design we produce guide rails which offer durability, longevity and high visibility for long term warehouse security.

Bump Stops are most commonly placed at the end of aisle to stop forklift trucks or pallets trucks from crashing into the Pallet Racking and causing expensive structural damage to the frames. These are particularly effective when pallets are placed at the end of aisle after picking.

Racking with protection


Wired guide rails

The purposely configured narrow aisles set up in a narrow or very narrow aisle (VNA) pallet racking system increases storage capacity by allowing more space to be used for racking. The space between the rows is narrowed down and the racks can be as tall as the building allows. To gain access, specialist slim-line, high reaching fork lift trucks are used and these are carefully guided to prevent collision as the truck navigates the aisle by using specialist wired guide rails. These barely noticeable thin wires are fitted into the floor and runs centrally between the racking. Using a frequency generator the wire will guide the truck to ensure it only travels forwards and backwards and doesn’t knock or bump the structure itself. The evolvement of the fork lift truck capabilities along with specialist guide rail design has made is easy for warehouses with limited floor space which are looking to increase storage capacity to adopt the narrow aisle pallet racking solution.

VNA racking wired guide rail


Segregated walkways for staff and visitors – Barriers

Preventing fork lift trucks from colliding with structures is just one job Barriers do well, but what about staff moving around the warehouse on foot? Barriers can be used to separate high traffic forklift truck areas from staff moving around the warehouse. By breaking up the space staff can access the warehouse areas they need to safely by staying on the dedicated pedestrian side of the Barriers where painted symbols on the floor ensure they follow on the right side. It’s not just fork lift trucks the barriers protect staff from; they can be placed around other high risk areas like loading bays to ensure safety when HGVs are reversing. Barriers are used to redirect staff or visitors away from restricted areas which may be too hazardous for them to enter. Dangerous machinery or complex electrical equipment can be segregated using Barriers to ensure unauthorised persons cannot gain easy access.

segregated walkway


Mezzanine floor Kick Rails

Kick Rails work to keep dropped products within a certain area. Mezzanine floors have exposed edges and Kick Rails are essential to ensuring falling products are prevented from landing on people working on lower levels. Used as edge protection Kick Rails are mounted around the boarder of the mezzanines exposed edges creating a safe balcony view to the lower ground. Mezzanine floor Kick Rails can be designed and manufactured by WSL to suit your environment and match your desired look, but more importantly they will keep your staff, visitors and overall warehouse safe.

Warehouse Storage mezzanine floor with edge protection


Create a safe working environment

Warehouse Safety Barriers and Railing of all types play an important role in safety assurance and as a business owner the safety of all staff and visitors is your responsibility. These products will ensure anyone who enters your warehouse is kept safe and your valuable assets protected.

If you’re looking to invest in some safety Guide Rails or Barriers but unsure of the type or priority locations, why not call our expert team? One of our experienced designers will visit your warehouse and provide a free site survey whilst allowing you the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail. As a manufacturer we can provide bespoke cost effective solutions unique to your warehouse safety requirements. As a full SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturer Association) member and accreditation to CE Marking BS EN 1090 we pride ourselves in our ability to offer nothing but the highest of standards at very competitive prices. We don’t just follow the safety and quality standards set out by SEMA we play a role in setting them as a Full Member which reflects our strong belief in warehouse safety. Contact us today on 0113 2045350 or

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