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How to achieve fail-safe stock rotation in your warehouse

Is stock rotation a priority for your business? If it is you will know that the First-in First-out (FIFO) method is gold standard.  Pallet racking and shelving systems of specific types can automatically work by the FIFO stock rotation procedure, creating an effective way of ensuring inventory replenishment is precise without human interaction.

The benefits of fail-safe automatic stock rotation are significant, particularly in fast paced warehouses with high volumes of perishable goods. Warehouses managing food, beverage or medicinal items, for example will quickly notice a return in profitability once a dynamic automatic FIFO system is in place.  Not only will it optimise stock replenishment, a storage system which works on a FIFO basis will save time and money by eliminating the need for manual stock rotation and reducing human errors which can often result in waste.

A pallet racking system which automatically rotates inventory can support your operation in countless other ways too, so it’s vital you choose the right system for your business:

Harness the benefits of fail-safe automatic stock rotation whilst optimising all available space in your warehouse with a pallet live racking system. With the removal of unnecessary aisles, this highly compact storage system which works by the FIFO method can increase storage density by 70%. The only two service aisles required run parallel at either side of the structure. On one side the pallet is loaded onto the racking system and from here it travels along the deep running lane towards the picking face where it remains until picked. The next pallet to be loaded onto the same lane will stop behind the previously loaded pallet and will move forward once the first pallet has been picked. This creates systematic stock rotation without human interaction. Gravity is used to assist the movement of the pallets as they travel along the slightly tilted lanes on fixed rollers with the use of an in-built breaking system to control speed. This is a highly dense storage system which is ideal for high volumes of perishable goods in a limited space and because it is so compact it can greatly reduce energy consumption in cold store environments.

The highly compact drive through racking system allows pallets to be stored back to back and floor to ceiling whilst enabling automatic stock rotation. The fork lift truck gains access to the pallets by entering the structure from a loading aisle whilst another will enter on the picking aisle on the opposite side. The separate loading and replenishing aisles enable the FIFO method resulting in pallets being automatically rotated. The drive through racking system is suited any warehouse storing high volumes of the same SKUs and is particularly suited to food and beverage storage. Energy consumption in cold or frozen storage environments can be greatly reduced due to its highly compact storage ability.

Drive in drive through pallet racking

Achieve maximum storage capacity with automatic stock rotation when using two aisles rather than one with a shuttle pallet racking system. Once loaded onto the radio controlled shuttle, pallets are transported along the deep running lanes taking them as far back into the structure as possible so they can be accessed from the picking face at the rear side.  Unlike pallet live racking, the pallets don’t come into contact with each other making it ideal for fragile goods however it’s worth noting that the system is not the fastest as the shuttle requires some travel time. Shuttle racking can save time in other ways as operators can carry out tasks elsewhere whilst the shuttle transports pallets and can even reorganise the pallets for you. Shuttle racking is used in a variety of different warehouse settings where stock rotation along with space utilisation is priority.

Shuttle pallet racking system

Reduce aisle numbers, increasing storage capacity, whist implementing a FIFO method by storing your newer pallets behind the current ones with double deep pallet racking. Conventional pallet racking with the added bonus of higher density storage you can store your pallets double deep whilst optimising stock replenishment with systemised loading and picking. This is an inexpensive solution when looking to increase storage capacity and the ability to streamline stock rotation. It’s a highly popular, cost effective solution which has been implemented across a wide range of warehouse environments in many different industries.

Double deep pallet racking system

You can maximise storage capacity and optimise the stock replenishment using the automated FIFO method for your smaller, none palletised items with a carton live shelving system.  In the same way a pallet live racking, this shelving system uses gravity to move items loaded at the higher end of the sloped shelves consisting of rollers to the picking face. Small boxes can be placed directly onto the rollers whereas trays or cartons are used to hold and transport high numbers of very small items. This is particularly suited to fast pace operations involving small none palletised goods which have a limited shelf life date. A time saving solution, carton live shelving offers streamlined order processing with the elimination of human error.

Carton live shelving system

All of the above solutions can offer ideal space utilisation whilst ensuring stock replenishment is fully optimised. Because every warehouse operation has its own procedures your fail safe stock rotating system can be designed specifically to suit your business needs. Whatever the size of your warehouse or speed pace of your operation, if you’re stock is perishable the right system will save you a great deal of time and money. A site visit involving a free site survey and no obligation quote by one of our highly experienced designers will give you clear idea about suitability along with a solution designed to perfectly match your needs. To arrange a visit from of our experienced designers call us today on 0113 2045350 or email us at

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