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Your food and drink products are extremely valuable to your business and any wastage can have very high and unnecessary cost implications for your business. Warehouse Systems Limited has experience in working within the food and drinks sector and a top reputation for design, quality and service.

Pallet racking for brewery company cold storage facility

“Your boys have done a fantastic job thank you, they have been brilliant a real credit to WSL! Especially helpful in the tiding up before our pre audit on Wednesday.”

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The term, “food and drink storage” applies to the storage of any edible consumables in any amount. It can range from simple domestic or small shop shelving, to fitting out entire stores or warehouses.
Food and drink storage is a specialised field within the storage and logistics industry. Equipment needs to be clean and sterile, allergens need to be dealt with in accordance with legislation, and cold and freezer storage needs to be properly equipped.

While domestic food storage can often be bought from standard stores, such as DIY stores or furniture manufacturers, those selling or storing bulk amounts of food will want to maximise their storage with specialised products. Warehouse Systems Limited has experience in working within the food and drinks sector and a top reputation for design, quality and service, making WSL a company that clients can trust with their food and drink storage requirements.

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The Design Process

Companies provide details of their parameters and requirements such as aisle width, the type of Material Handling Equipment that will be used, the number of people accessing the floor and the size of the facility. WSL designers provide several optimum solutions as AutoCAD drawings for the clients to examine and select from. WSL understand the building regulations, fire regulations and other restrictions specific to the food and drink industry, so all of these things will be incorporated into the design, with fire escapes, appropriate levels of access and other safety features planned into the design.

Maximising Product Storage

On occasion, storage facilities take receipt of massive amounts of consumables that are all due to be used on the same day. On this occasion a FIFO option is not necessary. Rather, the priority is in maximising the amount of product that can be fitted into the available space. High density, quickly loaded storage systems such as drive-in racking are ideal when simple product stacking at ground level is not enough. 

Best Before Date Rotation

A First In, First Out (FIFO) storage solution is often the most appropriate type of storage for products that will expire as it enforces stock rotation. There are a number of different FIFO options; from pallet live to shuttle racking. In most cases stock is deposited in one end of the storage area and retrieved at the other. WSL experts can advise on the best FIFO system for each client’s requirements.

Keeping Food At Different Temperatures

WSL is able to supply and install storage within cold store environments for clients. These racks need to be designed to get the most storage in the smallest footprint possible to reduce the area that needs to be chilled – helping to greatly reduce ongoing operational costs. Mobile racking is a popular choice as only one aisle space is required, with racks moving forwards and backwards to allow access to the required space. Most WSL pallet racks are safe down to temperatures as low as -25oc.

An Office Space

Where an office space is required, this can also be incorporated into the design. WSL specialise in Office Mezzanines – mezzanine floors that can be built above new or existing racking or shelving, to provide an area that is separate to the main storage floor, while still being accessible. Mezzanines are not only useful areas for an on-site office space. It can also be the ideal provision for additional storage, a staff room, packing area, kitchen or other facilities. As WSL manufacture mezzanine floor in-house; they are able to easily accommodate food safety and hygiene features (such as providing floor support for hygiene stations and planning the route for the required plumbing services) without having to waste time waiting for answers from a supplier.

Allergens and hygiene regulations

WSL teams have practice constructing for clients who work with food materials, so you can be confident that all site-specific rules will be complied with during the pallet racking installation process. The experienced project manager assigned to your project will work with you to provide specialist solutions such as creation of sealing walls (cordoning off the site during floor drilling) and increased dust extraction in order to reduce the pressure on your operation when it comes to cleaning down and using your new storage facilities.

WSL works to all clients Health and Safety regulations regarding food storage, as well as usual construction and installation related H&S regulations. Read how we worked to ensure critical allergy requirements were met for one client here

Pallet Labelling

WSL are able to provide pallet rack labelling, that can be linked to a Warehouse Management System in order to assist with the tracking of products. This registers where each product is and how long it has been stored. Products are logged in and out, with nothing going under the radar. This is not only helpful for locating items, but also for evidencing food storage regulations, such as how long produce has been stored and which area of the warehouse allergens have been in.

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WSL has been working together with the food and drink sector for two generations, working with some of the biggest names in the industry to build space-optimised, safe and hygienic spaces to store food and drink,that comply with all relevant legislation.

Our installation teams are familiar with working with big businesses and can accommodate clients in terms of scheduling. With a name for quality and excellence and swift turnaround as standard, WSL is the business to trust with food storage needs.

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Our service is completely client-centric. We provide all manufacturer types, as well as fitters, engineers and inspectors; which means that not only can we deliver your entire project from start to finish, but that we can provide a fully bespoke solution for your individual needs. Get in touch to find out more.