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NU Living : Racking & Shelving

Unique modular home developers NU living appoints Warehouse Systems Limited to increase their storage capacity to support continual growth at their modular housing factory.

Swan Housing Association and its in-house developer NU living are committed to making a difference in local communities by developing a range of mixed tenure developments which provide homes across a range of tenures including social rent shared ownership and outright private sale. To cross subsidise their social activity Swan offers buyers high quality homes in desirable locations across Essex and East London at affordable prices. At Beechwood, Swan are innovatively precision engineering new homes in a purpose built, high-tech modular factory, before being delivered to site where they are then assembled.

Unlike other private developers, all profits from the sale of their new homes is reinvested within the Swan Housing Group to fund new affordable housing and services for Swan’s residents – including community development activity. Every home sold means that the buyer is contributing to the regeneration of homes and communities for others. Swan’s social purpose is what makes them unique and their mission is to ensure as many people as possible have a place to feel at home.
Their modular homes are built using their NU build system at their impressive 74,850 square foot factory located at Prologis Park, Basildon. Swan / NU living took occupancy of the factory early in 2017 and this is where the bespoke homes are constructed in half the time of traditional builds. With an already impressive scale of operation with 6,500 new homes in their pipeline, there is ambition to accelerate production further.

WSL are pleased to be working with NU living as they plan for growth, providing storage solutions to ensure operations continue to run smoothly as productivity increases.

At our Leeds factory, the WSL engineering team manufactured a bespoke cantilever racking system before being fitted by our team in the factory stores area. Cantilever racking is designed to provide the safe storage of items which vary in length, size, shape and weight making it an ideal solution for the factory’s requirement to store steel supports, timber and internal metal. Cantilevered arms will be situated on a supporting heavy-duty central base and can be altered and adapted once fitted. This will easily accommodate any future change in storage requirements, making it a long-term storage investment as well as an instant solution. The cantilever racking system will ensure the products stored are safe, secure, easily accessible and well presented.

In addition to the cantilever racking system, WSL is also implementing other storage solutions including the reconfiguration of the existing pallet racking system which include 16 new bays of pallet racking to increase storage capacity further. More storage and handling solutions are being fitted bellow the racking bays, including three carton live shelving units to provide fast and efficient hand picking for smaller items, two small parts cabinets which provide compact storage and an electric reel holding unit.

With this new installation, NU living can maintain their extremely high standards of production throughout continual growth with the additional storage solutions in place, putting available space to practical use.

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