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Why is multi tier shelving the optimum inventory shelving solution?

Sep 24, 2020 | Shelving

Rather than expansion or relocation which can be both costly and disruptive, you can empower your current premises by strengthening its capacity with multi tier shelving. This is a system which cannot be over looked when searching for new ways to manage heightened stock levels within a limited footprint area. Why? Because it’s simple, fast, affordable, flexible and highly effective making it one of the most frequently desired bespoke solutions WSL design and implement.

Multi tier shelving has a distinct edge when it comes to economical space saving solutions!

The ability to exchange abandoned overhead space for functional storage areas is what sets a multi tiered shelving system apart from a single tiered system. It’s a highly compact space-saving solution which is simple yet sophisticated in terms of how it works and how it’s structured.

If you currently have a crammed single tiered shelving system with no extra floor space to expand it, why not extend it vertically? In the same way as a multi tier racking system, where there’s unused overhead space a multi tier shelving system can put this space to use, transforming it into practical storage by allowing storage at height. In order to access the higher shelves you gain additional floor levels in the form of raised aisles running between the shelving rows with connecting stairways so you have access to every level.  Within the same footprint area you acquire additional storage and usable floor space without affecting the original building structure.


Multi tier shelving system

Purpose-built to suit your space, operation and inventory

A multi tier shelving system is custom made, specifically designed to suit your business needs, your space and inventory type. So what can you store on a multi tier shelving system? Well, just about any type of hand loaded goods although we do recommend none chemical or none flammable items for safety reasons. The shelving can be built as high as the ceiling allows and configured to suit your operation allowing you to organise your inventory in accordance to picking and replenishment frequency. If you’re unsure as to whether you have sufficient space or have concerns about product type or how a multi tier system would best support your business goals, WSL offer a free site survey which entails a visit from one of our highly experienced designers. This will allow the designer to thoroughly assess your space and take time to understand you’re operational and inventory needs. It’s also an opportunity for you to discuss your requirements in detail and allows the designer to create a bespoke solution which will meet your necessities before providing a free no obligation quotation.

Multiplies storage capacity without major building works or high costs

When you consider the costs and turbulence involved in expansion or relocation in comparison to implementing this simple yet highly diverse solution, the latter is undoubtedly the most cost efficient and least disruptive. You can gain the space you need to operate efficiently whist remaining in the same building eliminating disruption to employees whilst relations with customers, suppliers and partners can continue without disturbance. This additional use of space wont effect your rent or rates as the structure is self-reliance and has no affect on the original building structure.  The installation of a multi tier shelving system is straight forward and can be completed in a matter of days, depending on the size of the structure so it’s ideal if time is of the essence.


Multi tier shelving access staircase

With multiple-levels you can achieve multiple-value!

Not only is it the lower cost option from the offset, a multi tier shelving system can greatly improve productivity from which you will soon see a return on your investment. Even when storing large quantities of high turnover inventory of variable types, multi tier shelving will optimise the picking and replenishment process through direct access and organisation. Dividers, bins and labeling will help keep your items safe and secure whilst making them easy to locate when needed. The integrated floors can accommodate trolleys and carts so picking several items in one trip couldn’t be easier! Moving large amounts from level to level can be simplified with pallet gates, lifts, chutes or conveyors which are particularly useful if speed is a priority.

Adaptable to change

The floor levels and shelves are independently configured and none structural so a multi tier shelving system is easy to adjust disassemble or relocate making it a great alternative to the semi permanent mezzanine floor structure if such changes are projected. Another great advantage is that the multi tier shelving system is future proof with the ability to accommodate sudden peaks by extending the structure further. Reconfiguration of any kind can be carried out easily at any time so your changing needs can always be met promptly.


Multi Tier shelving in online retail warehouse

Safety considerations

As the raised floor levels are non structural, they don’t need to be fire rated however fire safety and building regulations will require attention and will need to be considered as early as the initial planning stages. This will include such things as staircase location to ensure they are positioned in such a way that in an emergency the structure can be vacated quickly to the nearest exit. During the initial visit our designer will seek out the safest positioning of staircases and integrate this into the design. Building regulations will be strictly followed and documented on your behalf by WSL so you have one less thing to worry about. All documentation regarding fire safety and building regulations will be handed to you.


Multi tier shelving system staircase position

Why WSL?

With benchmark standards as a full SEMA member WSL guarantee quality and safety as well as assurances of a bespoke solution perfectly suited to your unique business operation.

To ensure the best use of space with the most practicality, WSL begin the process with a site visit by one of our experienced designers. During the visit you can sit down and discuss your requirements and raise any concerns you may have with all your questions answered there and then. Whilst assessing your space, our designer will obtain a clear insight to your business operations, your inventory type and your goals before leaving to design a solution that will match your exact needs.

WSL have a team of highly experienced and professional installers who will strive to construct your multi tier shelving system quickly and efficiently without interrupting the rest of your business operations. We can install your multi tier shelving system safely within a busy working environment by sectioning off the area in which we are working, leaving the rest of the facility to operate as usual. We can also install the system during closing or quieter hours. Once complete our team will leave the area clean and tidy, ready for you to begin using your system.

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