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Secure your warehouse danger zones with wired mesh

When you consider the tall storage systems, the movement of goods, people and machinery, warehouses can actually be quite hazardous and without adequate protection the risk of injury to staff and visitors is high and valuable items are more likely to become damaged.

This is why warehouses use wired mesh. It promotes warehouse safety and enhances the security of stock and valuable items.Mesh is used to safeguard items inside the mesh barrier or protect surrounding areas from the items within the mesh guarded area and in warehouses, both of these are essential.

Wired mesh is an interlock of hard wire which creates a grid-like panel with gaps between the wires wide enough to give a good view whilst preventing anything from coming through.

In the form of panels, fences or cages, wired mesh is a very popular and highly versatile solution because it can be used to add protection in any high risk area and it can be made to perfectly suit the width, height and shape of your danger zone.  Wired mesh is available in a choice of colours and the option to galvanise for extra durability which is useful if used outdoors.

Secure back of pallet racking and shelving

Warehouse pallet racking and shelving systems are space saving solutions that increase storage capacity by utilising both floor and height space. When sourced from a reputable storage solutions provider, your pallet racking and shelving will be a perfectly safe structure, however when fully loaded it’s not unusual for items to become lose and eventually falling from the high rack.

Anti-collapse wired mesh is the grid web of hard steel wire which is fitted to the back of your pallet racking or shelving system. The very robust and sturdy panels guard the rear of the storage structure to prevent items near the back of the bays from toppling. Wire mesh panels are robust and offer a high level of constant protection against:

  • Injury –The aisle to the rear of the racking system is safe to access without the threat of being struck by falling items. Without back of racking mesh, anyone near the racks is vulnerable to injury from falling inventory.
  • Product Damage – Where nobody is affected from falling inventory, the items themselves can become damaged, resulting in unnecessary costs to the business.
  • Theft – Back of racking wired mesh not only prevent anything leaving the rear of the shelf, it will also prevent access to the rear of the shelf making it much harder to lose inventory to theft.


Secure smaller items in storage

There is often the need to store items of a smaller dimension to the racking bay, and this can lead to items falling between the beams.

Mesh decks can be fixed to form a secure shelf on which smaller pallets, boxes and trays can be placed safely.  The wired deck is fitted to the from and back beam, creating a none void between the components. Although decking can come in various forms including timber, wood chip and steel panels, wired mesh is a highly popular option because it offers:

  • Visibility – Items can be seen through the gaps between the wire when looking from lower angles
  • Resistance to heat and water – The steel wires can hold up against fire, heat, damp and water making it suitable for sprinkler systems.
  • Cleanliness – The shelves are easy to clean and the gaps between the wires prevents dust from gathering

Extra security and peace of mind

Wired mesh can offer extra security throughout your warehouse and as well as on pallet racking and shelving, wired mesh can be used to form a protective barrier around:

Mezzanine floors – A mesh edging around a mezzanine floor level is most commonly used where a mezzanine floor is used as storage or production space to give extra piece of mind that nothing will accidentally fall over the edge.

4 Tier Earehouse Mezzanine Floor


Hazardous items – Using a wired mesh cage is ideal for isolating items such as hazardous liquids which pose a danger if it comes into contact with humans

Departments – Acting as a partition, wired mesh is commonly used to separate departments without cutting of view.  Using posts and mesh panels, wired mesh partition acts as a fence to segregate areas with mesh partition doors for access.

Chutes –Using a wired mesh cage around the chute creates a barrier preventing anything falling through the space between the chute and the mezzanine floor


Machinery and equipment – Wired mesh is often used to keep machinery or vital equipment enclosed so it doesn’t become damaged or used by unauthorised persons whom the machinery may pose a danger too.

High value items – Wired mesh offers the ability to secure high value items whilst in view for observations by creating an isolated area using mesh panels and gates only to be accessed by authorised persons.

Staircases – Although its not necessarily needed, when wire mesh is placed around a staircase it gives an extra sense of security. The mesh can prevent anything accidentally dropped from the higher steps from landing on someone as the mesh prevents anyone from standing immediately underneath the stairs. If stairs are towered the mesh acts to provide extra protection for users at height.


Wired mesh can provide extra security outside too. Whether you’re looking to keep items secure on your external storage system or want to protect certain outdoor equipment, wired mesh can be galvanised to ensure durability in the face of all weather conditions.

Another alternative

Back of rack netting is a network of cross lined rope forming back of rack netting which offers an effective, low cost wire mesh alternative.  The lighter weight material can be cut through, so it may not offer the same amount of protection against theft as anti collapse mesh and due to its physical flexibility, items can become caught in the netting making them difficult to access however it will guard the back of the racks by preventing items from falling.


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