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Increasing the Lifespan of your Pallet Racking

Dec 15, 2016 | Pallet Racking

Why Keep Your Pallet Racking in Good Condition?

Increasing the lifespan of your pallet racking by keeping it in good condition will save your company huge amounts of money; both by avoiding the cost of new racking and by evading downtime associated with replacing your storage. Even more importantly, it is vital to keep your pallet racking in good condition to prevent safety issues in your warehouse and a risky environment for your personnel. Well fitted storage racking should last for many years, if looked after properly. However, annual safety inspections by accredited rack inspection specialists are important to ensure that your racking is safe and compliant with current regulation.

Prevent Accidents

The Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) recommends limiting the potential for damage by ensuring safe practice with the driving of your forklifts and other specialist equipment. They recommend “strictly enforced rules on safe driving, speed limits, observing floor markings – all the standard features of a workplace transport policy” as the “starting point” for safety. Ensure that your drivers understand the rules and why they are in place. While a forklift backing into pallet racking may not cause immediate collapse, it will all have a detrimental effect on the racking’s overall lifespan. SEMA also suggest painting exposed corner guards in a bright colour to make them stand out, thus reducing the risk of them being hit accidentally.

Protect Your Racking

In spite of all drivers doing their best to drive safely and carefully, accidents can still happen. One option may be to invest in end-of-aisle barriers to protect your racking, particularly in positions where visibility may be somewhat reduced. SEMA state that end frame protection is “essential”, while column guards are “optional.” Each situation needs to be assessed individually; in some cases, the reduction in clearance caused by the presence of guard rails can actually cause more damage, and therefore be detrimental.

Know The Limits of Your Racking

Do not change a beam level without communicating with the original supplier to confirm that the structure can cope with the change. A change in level can affect the overall loading capacity quite considerably. Similarly, ensure that you are aware of the load bearing capacity of each rack. Creating uneven loads, or pushing racking beyond it’s intended capacity can decrease the lifespan of your racking, and more importantly, make it potentially dangerous.

Check Your Pallet Racking Regularly

As well as regular (daily) visual checks of your racks, a person with technical expertise should assess the racks if there is ever an accident, and a specialist should be called in at the first sign of any damage. In addition, book regular Inspections with accredited rack inspection specialists, to check that you are up to date with all current regulations.

WSL employ experienced NVQ accredited rack inspection specialists, so you can be confident that any fitting or repairs that we suggest are fully compliant with all current regulations. We are always willing to offer advice on keeping your racking safe and increasing its lifespan – call us today to book a specialist assessment of your storage space.

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