Case study

WSL supports growing business by producing far-sighted multi system solution

A producer of home heating systems, our client operates in a fast evolving industry as the nations households aspire to fuel efficiency. In an effort to meet the green needs of consumers, the company has advanced in eco-friendly solutions which have stimulated business growth. Manufacturing has intensified and inventory volume has increased, resulting in the need for more space.

On acquiring two new buildings, just a stone’s throw away from each other,  it was decided that building A would house production activities and building B would be used to store materials, components and finished goods.

Newly aquired empty building

Inventory variables and processes

Although the majority of the inventory entering the storage warehouse is palletised, the pallets need to be broken down and the singular items shelved to allow for individual picking. Whilst the most effective solution would consist of pallet racking and shelving, for some pallets or singular loads their dimensions mean that respective support is needed. Concerned with ensuring the most optimal solution the client contacted WSL and had a discussion with Design Technician Tim, whose industry knowledge and experience stretch across three decades.

A diversified solution

Having discovered the various inventory requirements Tim suggested a solution consisting of pallet racking, shelving and supportive decks seamlessly integrated within the same structure. This space saving configuration is a real time-saver too as operators can break down the pallets and immediately shelve the stock without the need to travel to a new area. The decked areas would provide secure storage for smaller pallets, loads or containers.

Multiple solutions in one

Why Wide Aisle Racking?

After going through all the options, wide aisle racking which is highly adjustable whilst being cost effective was the most suitable option. The system has the capacity to adjust to changing needs easily and immediately, therefore is able to keep in line with anticipated changes due to continual growth.

Why Carton Live Shelving?

Given the speed of the operation, carton live shelving was chosen for its ability to streamline the loading and picking process.  Items loaded onto the slightly sloped shelves travel to the front along the rollers and assisted by gravity to the front where they can be swiftly collected.

Incorporated Carton Live shelving

Why mesh and timber decking?

A mixture of both timber and mesh decking was chosen to provide support for varying load types. The wired mesh being the most robust deck type gives better visibility of the items on the rack, is water and heat proof and is easier to keep clean whilst the timber decks provide solid, sturdy support for dry goods in dry areas.

Mesh decks

The extra capacity

Using floor plans of the building emailed to Tim from the client, a budget cost could be drawn up with the most optimal layout design; however it wasn’t until Tim arrived on site that the true potential of the space came to light. The client was pleasantly surprised to learn that the height space alone has the capacity to accommodate more pallet locations than originally anticipated. Often unnoticed, additional height is like the hidden gem of many warehouse spaces and for this client the overhead clearance means that storage capacity is much higher than first anticipated.

Blue and grey

Having addressed operational needs and prioritised safety, the client opted for blue beams and safety barriers, rather than the traditional orange colours. Against the Grey frames the blue beams and barriers have given the innovative solution a distinct look, particularly against the sky lines and lighting.

Blue and grey racking components and ancillaries

The installation

Prior to the material arriving on site a meeting took place between the client, two WSL Project Managers and Operations Director to confirm the details of the installation process. The plan was to enable the client to be operational in the completed areas, so rather than working from the centre of the space and outwards, the team of five installers made their way out from one corner. As the project progressed, completed areas were handed over to the client for operational use whilst the rest of the construction areas remained inaccessible until complete and safe.  Within eight weeks, the full site was handed back to the client who could then become fully operational.

Components on site and installation underway

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The WSL team is a team with knowledge and experience so extensive that thinking out of the box is second nature and made easier by the corridor of communication created as everyone involved in your project operating under the same roof. This includes our Design Technicians, Project Managers and Engineers so however complex changeable or distinct, your project is rest assured its in very safe and capable hands.

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