Case study

TFS Case Study

Our clients were TFS; a company that prides itself on operational excellence. They have 3 buildings totalling over 300,000 square feet of storage and production capacity and manage more than 30,000 stock lines, catering carefully to each client’s needs

TFS required reconfiguration to their existing racking system from four warehouses into one.

They commissioned WSL to take down and rearrange their existing racking as well as installing some new. They also requested that we introduce anti collapse mesh, shelving, a labelling system and some bespoke benches. In addition we were asked to do some electrical works and wire guidance for narrow aisle trucks.

The Challenges

TFS is built upon a quick and efficient infrastructure, offering a next day picking packing and delivery service for a wide variety of clients. Therefore it was vital to them that the dismantling be co-ordinated so as to avoid causing disruptions to their operations.

They wanted a company who could provide, schedule and manage the full package of works, all within a tight schedule.

Health and Safety of their employees during the process was also important and the scale of the project meant that the site would qualify for Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

They originally intended to keep a large amount of their existing racking, but this would mean that a solution needed to be found for what to do with the stock while the racks were being reconfigured.

Our Solutions

WSL provides innovative ideas within the parameters of the customer’s requirements. Rather than rearranging the customer’s racking as originally requested, we suggested that they could replace the majority of the racking with new and sell the old. Thus we helped them to save money and also facilitated far less disruption; stock was able to go straight onto new racks before the old racks were removed, rather than having to be stored elsewhere in the interim. Nexus, our in-group lighting and electrical specialists installed lighting and electrical works to our pre-arranged schedule, and our Project Manager worked together with TFS to co-ordinate clear space for the specialists to work, reducing time for all involved.

The Project Manager from WSL spent significant hours on site to ensure that all work was on schedule and deadlines were being met. He met regularly with our operations director and two foremen, who were co-ordinating up to twelve installation staff at peak times.

WSL take Health and Safety very seriously. Our customer health and safety director ensured that all of these regulations were met, as well as taking into account our client’s own health and safety requirements. We assessed their goods in and out policy, site navigation and PPE code in order to ensure that the site was safe and secure while we were working.

In this case we were able to provide and oversee this large project from dismantling current racking, to completing all installation (including wire guidance and lighting), in only 47 days; all without disrupting the day to day operations of TFS.

WSL has a team of experts who work closely with clients, offering bespoke and unique ideas to create the optimum solution for your company’s storage needs. Our ability to provide, schedule and manage the full package of works, all within your required time frame gives confidence and peace of mind. If you are considering updating the current storage solutions for your company, our team of industry experienced sales representatives can guide you through the first stages of making your project a reality.

The base building structure was built by a construction company to the landlord’s specification. Once the initial structure was in place, WSL took the time to understand the requirements for the new facility. We then used our extensive knowledge and enterprise to come up with the right solution to meet those needs.

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