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Innovative Solutions for Pet Product Warehouse

Established over 40 years ago, our client is a thriving wholesaler, offering retailers, breeders, and boarding kennels an impressive range of pet products including food, treats, medicinal goods, grooming equipment and much more. Having begun its journey as a boarding facility which offered pet food to its customers, the business has seen exceptional growth over the last four decades and is now a centralised source for all types of pet products inclusive of high-quality brands.

During the pandemic, the business expanded their online presence and worked with established platforms to ensure their products were easily accessible to all. The continuous surge in online purchasing demand has maintained its peak, necessitating the expansion of the operational footprint that the business has maintained since the 1980s. This is despite numerous extensions and alteration having been made to the warehouse and office facilities over the years. For this project, the company sought to erect a new warehouse structure positioned only 5 meters from their current building and subsequently link the two via the construction of a tunnel. The new space would be dedicated to the storage of goods as well as an order preparation area. This would enable the business to operate fully from the same site and streamline their operation, and there would no longer be a need to rent their off-site warehouse.

New warehouse narrow aisle racking project

Proficiency in space utilisation was essential for the new warehouse space.

The supplementary warehouse, providing an additional 5,525m2 of floor space, could significantly benefit the business. Yet, its true value would depend on the effective utilisation of the space. The client reached out to WSL upon learning about our expertise in optimising workspaces through customised design and implementation solutions. This encompasses tailored pallet racking solutions designed to accommodate inventory requirements and fully utilise the warehouse’s cubic space, mezzanine floors for adding extra levels, and space-efficient shelving systems to support inventory and operational demands.

New warehouse narrow aisle racking project (10)

An individual solution to an individual problem

Following a phone conversation with the client to gather preliminary information about their business operations and their plans for utilising the new warehouse space, our Design Technician Tim scheduled an on-site meeting with the client. This meeting aimed to delve deeper into their requirements and assess the space firsthand.

During the site visit, it became evident that the operation could benefit from a storage solution with higher density compared to the standard wide aisle racking configuration. Considering the client’s expansion of their product range with additional brands, resulting in varying SKU s, Tim initiated a search for suitable pallet racking alternatives…..

Existing Forklift Truck (FLT) Compatibility

The aim of the design was to produce the most cost-effective solution and on discovering that the flexi truck was already in use at the site, a narrow aisle racking system became the most viable option. Flexi trucks possess inherent capabilities to manoeuvre safely within confined spaces. They can execute sharp turns without requiring extensive room for manoeuvring. With these trucks already in operation, Tim was able to devise a solution tailored to leverage their capabilities, whilst subsequently optimising space utilisation. Departing from the 4.5-meter-wide aisles of traditional racking, a narrow aisle configuration could be integrated, reducing aisle width to 2.25 meters. This adjustment facilitated additional racking runs, resulting in a solution significantly denser in storage capacity. The solution was crafted considering the current handling equipment, allowing for maximal space utilisation without the need for further investment in FLT compatibility.

New warehouse narrow aisle racking project (4)

A focus on inventory variations

Given our client’s specialisation in a diverse array of pet products, it became imperative to account for size and quantity variations during the design phase. Tim was able to enhance the storage capacity of specific racking rows by adding extra levels and increasing rack height. This strategic design adjustment not only optimises storage within the same surface area but also perfectly accommodates particularly high SKUs.

For a different product type that is significantly bulkier, beam levels were elevated, and bay widths widened to accommodate the goods within the racks. Positioned along the back wall, this specific racking configuration provided ample space to manage the larger units effectively.

New warehouse narrow aisle racking project (7)

A fast and seamless installation

The installation process was managed and overseen by WSL’s most experienced Project Manager, Clive who acquired the components promptly, organising for them to be delivered on site within weeks of the order being placed. There to meet the delivery of the components was our very competent installation team who were led by Mark who has been installing pallet racking systems since 1987. Within 5 weeks the entire system was fully installed and in operation, and throughout the build, Mark and his team were on hand and happy to answer any questions the client had throughout the build.

The solutions executed by the WSL team have fostered ongoing efficiency in our client’s operations. Their new space houses 5,000 pallet locations and is utilised optimally, ensuring seamless integration between existing and new areas, all geared towards delivering a customer-centric service.

New warehouse narrow aisle racking project (5)

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