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Quality pallet racking is instrumental for Gear4Music

One of the great things about working in the pallet racking and warehouse solutions industry is that we are lucky enough to work with a really diverse range of other businesses. Any organisation that needs to store items in a warehouse or similar premises will require a solid and secure racking system at some time in order to make the most of their building’s footprint. With so many different sectors and their associated products, we have the opportunity to use our experience and knowledge to adapt our systems to a variety of different requirements.

One recent example of this was a project to install an expansive pallet racking setup for musical instrument retailer Gear4Music. Currently serving over 200,000 customers and with that number always growing, they need to hold high levels of stock to ensure they can fulfil orders quickly. The challenge for this client was that they have such a huge catalogue of products – and with much of their equipment being large and heavy, along with many other varying shapes and sizes, a flexible and sturdy solution was definitely required.

Maximising space for safe storage

As with all of our projects, we started off by sitting down with the client and listening to their needs – from this information, we worked to develop the most efficient design for their storage requirements and the space available in their York premises. Our solution combined heavy duty pallet racking levels for the bulkier items, still palletised from shipping, down to a low level and boarded picking face – all in the same bay to allow fast and fleixible order fulfilment.

Once the design was signed off, we set to work manufacturing our in-house materials, including barriers that the 513 bay pallet racking system would need to ensure optimum performance and safety. Working with our domestic and international partners to get the best deal for our client; we settled on a throughly cost-efficient system of all British-manufactured products. All of which were available on short lead times and to the highest standards.

Once we were ready to start the installation, we sent 6 of our team members down to Gear4Music; over the course of a month (900 hours of work in total), they fitted 600 bays of pallet racking and barriers ready for the client to populate with a range of drums, guitars, studio and PA equipment, digital pianos and every instrument you can imagine. This cost-effective solution was music to our client’s ears!

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