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Warehouse Systems Limited to provide integrated service for growing hair & beauty product supplier

Jul 26, 2019 | Mezzanine Floors

An established hair and beauty product supplier have recently appointed WSL as their one stop source to assist them through business expansion. 

Whilst examining the prospect of having a mezzanine floor installed into their wholesale warehouse to facilitate growth, the company who would normally use multiple suppliers were hoping to simplify the process by looking to one trusted port of call. As a designer, manufacturer and installer of bespoke mezzanine floors, access staircases and accessories, WSL are able to take care of their specific storage requirements with a tailored solution, without third party involvement.   

Our Leeds based manufacturing facility is certified to CE BS: 1090 as well as accredited to full SEMA membership, giving our client extra quality and safety assurance.

The new fire rated mezzanine floor along with stairs and glass stainless steel handrail will be professionally installed by our team early August. 

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