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Longest serving Rack Inspector at WSL hit his all time high last year

Our longest serving rack inspector Yannis, who celebrated his 20th year working at WSL last summer, carried out 122 rack inspections during the course of 2019. That’s 13 more than 2018 where he completed 109 inspections and 22 more than 2017 with 100 inspections carried out that year. Thats peace of mind for 122 warehouse managers and business owners within a year from one approved and highly experienced rack inspector; his outstanding knowledge is what makes WSL unrivalled.

Our clients trust WSL, and many have gotten to know Yannis over the years and look forward to his yearly visit. However big the warehouse, he will carefully inspect all racking components including beams, uprights, row spacers and connectors as he walks the longitudes of each aisle slowly and repeatedly so not to miss anything.

Yannis spent his first two years at WSL learning about storage structures and safety and has been focused on rack safety and inspection for the last 18 years. Yannis has a keen eye for spotting even the smallest dent or tiniest buckle and with that any potential weakness will be flagged up in a detailed report which uses red, yellow and green to indicate risk levels. Our clients are informed immediately if any urgent issues are discovered so these can be addressed quickly and the affected area can be made safe.

It’s not just pallet racking either, Yannis has just as much experience in cantilever racking and mezzanine floors safety and inspects these too!

So if you would like Yannis or a member of his team to inspect your racks or mezzanine floor in 2020 contact us 0113 2045350

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