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Is A Mezzanine Floor Your Ideal Office Solution

Jan 18, 2016 | Mezzanine Floors

Outgrowing Your Office Facilities?

Sometimes our clients find that they are outgrowing their building and face the option of either moving to a larger location, or sacrificing their office area to make way for additional storage and work space. On other occasions clients find that as their company develops, their initial small corner office is no longer sufficient. They require more space for staff to hold meetings, do paperwork, and make phone calls. One alternative is to relocate entirely, which is time consuming and incurs all the costs associated with moving to a larger building. Another option is to move your office into a separate building to your storage / distribution / workshop facilities. This can work in some cases, but most of the time it is beneficial for managerial and administrative staff to be on site.

A Mezzanine Floor : The Perfect Solution!

We strongly recommend considering a mezzanine floor if you are struggling to find room for your administrative centre. A mezzanine can be a practical, low cost solution for a brand new office space and is ideal in lots of ways:

Office Mezzanine with access staircase

Administration on Site

Often a manager will need to be on site to carry out the bulk of their responsibilities. However, from time to time they will need a quiet place to fill in paperwork, make phone calls, or meet with clients and colleagues. Staff may need to have somewhere to go for breaks, or have administrative tasks to concentrate on. Going to another building to carry out these tasks is time consuming, therefore reducing productivity. Being able to have the office on site saves travel time and allows management to be available at all times through the working day.

Sound Proofing

Privacy and peace does not have to be surrendered in order to have on-site offices on a mezzanine floor. Sound proof walls, windows and doors can be fitted, allowing staff to look out over the floor of your warehouse or workshop, but without being disturbed by the potentially noisy atmosphere below.

Staff Room

Studies have suggested that staff are far more productive after a rest. In addition, having breaks can reduce costly errors, or mistakes that carry health and safety implications.[1] John Trougakos, an associate professor of management at the University of Toronto, points out that employees being off work with job-related stress is costing companies many billions of dollars annually. He states; “these costs can be reduced with regular work breaks, while improving employee effectiveness, satisfaction, and reducing strain and fatigue.”[2] Having an on-site staff room, protected from the noise and bustle of the rest of the building can help staff to relax. In addition, climbing stairs or using a lift to get to their staff room can distance them psychologically from their workplace, allowing them to have a proper break time. Being away from the oil and dust of the workshop means that it can be worth investing in soft furnishings to add to comfort. All these things can help to reduce work related stress, create a more positive work environment, increase job satisfaction and thus increase the productivity of your employees. An Attractive Office Space Office mezzanines can be developed to look as attractive as your budget allows. While a functional mezzanine can be made up of simple metal flooring with hand rails for safety, it can also be designed to be visually stunning; with attractive lighting, feature walls, luxury flooring, large windows and appealing furniture and storage. You can create an office that contrasts or flows with the rest of your building; whichever will work best for your business. At WSL we provide professional designers who will work with you to develop the ideal solution for your business.

Good For Business

Meeting clients in an on-site office allows visitors to see right into the heart of your business. A business meeting can be preceded by a tour of your facility, including introductions to staff members who may be working on their project, or watching how certain tasks are carried out. This kind of transparency creates an environment of trust and advances business relationship.

Meeting Room

Outlining The Legitimate Benefits of an Office Mezzanine Floor

The office mezzanine floor is an innovative solution and is a viable option for a any type of business being challenged a growing workforce within a limited space where height space is underutilised. The office mezzanine floor allows you to:

Expand economically

When faced with the option of relocating to a larger space, a building expansion and a mezzanine floor installation, the latter is the least costly, least disruptive and the most viable option overall. The construction of a mezzanine floor takes much less time than a building extension and because of this and its simplicity, it’s an effective way to create usable floorspace at a much lower cost with faster results. The impact both in financial terms and operationally is much less drastic than construction works involving the original structure of the building or moving the entire business to new premises.

Drive additional revenue

Owing to the extra floor space, workplace conditions improve and this promotes higher productivity levels, so despite the initial cost, there is a real potential to save money in the long term through efficiency gains and you could soon see your mezzanine floor producing a positive return on investment RIO .

Utilise existing space

Assess the height space in the building. If you find plenty if empty air space and can see there is potential for another floor level, then the existing space is likely to have more to offer than you are currently taking advantage of. Space costs money, which is why the full cubical area should be considered when seeking areas that can be purposed. By installing a mezzanine floor, the much-needed office space is created above the ground floor level and the entire cubic area is being better utilised.

Incorporate more flexibility

As a modular structure, an office mezzanine floor can be modified to suite changing needs. This could be new layouts and partition reconfigurations and even a change of use providing the structure is designed and implemented with the correct weight load bearing. This is a scalable solution which means the floor can be extended or another tier added should continual growth demand more space in the future.

Separate functions

When looking to provide office staff with a quiet, calm area in which the work then the office mezzanine can make all the difference. The office may be in the same building, but being situated above ground means that office-based activities can be undertaken more effectively and without hindrance from the main works.

Customise the space

Once the main structure is in place, the office mezzanine floor can be fitted our and decorated to match the colour and theme of the business, whilst adding a visual interest and creating a modern workspace with a dynamic feel.

Contribute to staff well-being

Away from the main works the office mezzanine floor provides not just a peaceful space to in which to work, there is also opportunities to use the floorspace to incorporate rest areas such as canteens and breakout spaces which can be utilised by all staff, including those from the main works.

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Sources: [1] Jeff Durham. 2015. The Importance of Adequate Breaks Throughout a Working Day. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 November 15]. [2] Chad Brooks. 2014. The Key to Increasing Productivity? Employee Breaks [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 November 15].

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