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Closing Down for the Festive Period?

Oct 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

Five Options to Utilise your Downtime for Storage Efficiency

Many warehouses slow down over the Christmas week with some stopping entirely for the festive period. Others have staff on reduced timetables, meaning that fewer people are moving around the warehouse floor. This is all conducive to using this time for disruptive work; avoiding costly downtime throughout the rest of the year. There are a number of different storage options that can be started – or even completed – within the window of opportunity provided by Christmas closures.

Routine maintenance

Every company is responsible for ensuring that their racking is safe for employees to use. Annual racking inspections are an important part of fulfilling this legal requirement. Book your pallet racking inspection for the month before Christmas and any required repairs can be booked in for repair over the Christmas holidays. See Racking Inspections for further information on pallet racking inspection.

Replacing old racking

Replacing old racking can feel like a very disruptive task. All goods must be removed prior to the dismantling of the old racking to make way for new. WSL can remove old racking and replace with new in as little as a single day for small pallet racking systems. Specialist WSL Pallet Racking designers can ensure new racks optimise use of space, while taking into account the required access. There are multiple options for more efficient racking; from extremely tall “VNA” racking, to double deep racking or mobile racking. Consider the benefits of unloading old racking prior to the Christmas break and returning to reload goods back onto brand new, optimised racking in January.

Increasing storage capacity

Downtime over Christmas is a good opportunity to extend storage within the warehouse without needing to close off parts of the warehouse floor for safety reasons. Extending racking, building new or rearranging existing racking can all be done during Christmas downtime, so that personnel can return to an improved warehouse with additional storage space.

Building a mezzanine floor

The festive season may even be an ideal time to install a mezzanine floor. Mezzanines are commonly used in warehouses as extra storage spaces, packing areas or for offices. With the mezzanine manufacture taking place in WSL’s top spec Leeds based factory, the actual installation of a mezzanine floor can take as little as a week. The fittings; such as flooring, walls and electrics can then be installed in a non-disruptive way, once the busy warehouse floor resumes operations in the New Year.

Shelving Adjustments

The seasonal shutdown presents an ideal opportunity if you have been considering shelving adjustments for a while. Fortunately shelving is a very versatile system which can be adapted in many ways to suit business changes. Shelving panels can be reconfigured by moving, adding or taking out single shelving panels. Rows can be lengthened or reduced, or the system can be developed to incorporate tiers with stairs and walkways for access. Whatever your shelving requirements WSL have a team on hand who can transform your shelving system so.

A Christmas Client

Our client wanted to maximise their warehouse space and make their warehouse systems more efficient. They decided upon a Radio Shuttle Racking system, which is designed to store multiple pallets both horizontally and vertically, with pallets being moved around by remotely controlled shuttles. This can have a massive impact on the efficiency of the warehouse – both in terms of the amount that it can store and the speed of access. The changes required quite a significant warehouse overhaul which was predicted to be extremely disruptive over a two-week period. Pallets needed to be moved with goods being placed into alternative storage and then the installation of the extremely large racking system, incorporating rows, 7 high and 13 wide.
The company did not want the downtime to have too much impact on the day-to-day running of the organisation, and so they planned the work for the Christmas holidays, when the warehouse was not operational.

WSL installers, overseen by site foreman and project manager, used the downtime to do the bulk of the work; working every day except for the bank holidays. Entrusted with keys to the facility and having already established all the details prior to the holidays, warehouse management and other personnel could go undisturbed throughout the holidays. This meant that by the time the warehouse team retuned in the New Year, the majority of the work was complete, with only a further week of work before the new racking was completed and fully commissioned.

If you are interested in how Christmas down time can be used to its full advantage in your warehouse, or if you would like a no obligation quote for a storage project that you have been considering, call us today on: 0113 204 5350 or click here to find your local representative who specialises in principal design and planning. A site visit can be arranged promptly so you discuss your requirements in detail and have your questions answered easily there and then.

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