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A Month of Barriers

Oct 31, 2018 | Barriers

Every so often it seems there is a product of the month and this month it’s tubular barriers.

We have made over 400 barriers for 30 different projects; This takes a lot of organisation!

Tubular barriers can be made to any length to suit the width of racking they are protecting. Our barriers are provided in two standard size tube; we offer a budget range which are 76mm diameter and 400mm high and our standard barriers are 89mm diameter and 500mm high. We also offer a painted or powder coated finish, so you can have them in any colour you like!

Tubular Barriers are a great way to provide protection to the end of Pallet Racking aisles. These robust barriers can withstand the impact from fork lift trucks and when they are hit they are much cheaper and less time consuming to replace than racking frames.

It’s normal practice for insurers to demand pallet racking is protected by some form of barrier and our factory is perfectly positioned to create barriers based on standard designs or more bespoke options.

For more information on our bespoke barriers please contact our team on 0113 2045350

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