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Great news! Your search for “warehouse shelving Leeds” has just brought you to WSL who is the largest storage solutions provider in Yorkshire with extensive design experience and an expanding stockiest warehouse which means your bespoke solution could be delivered and installed in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

At WSL we understand the important role warehouse shelving plays in effective inventory management whilst appreciating that every operation is different and will have its own specific needs.  This is why WSL offer a much tailored service for every project whatever the size and however complex. It could be that you require a single set of basic shelves or maybe your operation demands vast system, either way, your project will be given the same level of attentiveness throughout.

Your warehouse shelving options include both static and dynamic solutions:

Warehouse shelving - Long Span
long span shelving
Multi Tiered Warehouse Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving

Heavily used in warehouse and manufacturing environments and designed to accommodate any individual need, long span shelving is distinctively robust yet simple to use and set-up. As the most commonly used solution, WSL hold generous stock levels of long span shelving components at our on-site stockiest warehouse in Leeds, West Yorkshire and with work underway to expand our stockiest warehouse, the number of stocked components across all shelving types will drastically increase. In-stock components allow WSL to provide an instant service in an effort to combat the significantly long lead times which are due to supply chain issues.


Long span shelving is unconstrained when it comes to inventory types owing to the durable steel structure and broad spanned shelves.  The heavy duty structure is suited to an array of inventory types whether bulky and burdensome or long and weighty. Another option is to use garment hanging beams in the place of the wider shelving beams to create an organised garment hanging system, and for operations using pallet racking at the same time, both systems can be unified to create a multi-purpose storage solution.

Decking options

The decks are what create the supportive shelf on which inventory sits and these are available in different material types:

  • Chipboard – The cheapest option, chipboard is ideal for lighter loads
  • Wired mesh – A strong form of decking which is heat and water proof whilst easy to keep clean and ventilate.
  • Timber – Much more durable than chipboard, however this decking type is still vulnerable to fire and can weaken in damp or wet conditions
  • Steel – Highly robust, steel decks are heat and water proof and don’t run the risk of weakening under heavy loads.


The beams which are secured to the upright by slotting the fixings together are easy to unfasten by lifting the beam out of the slot of which there are many to choose from. The beams can re-slotted at a different height level making it easy to adjust in accordance to your changing inventory needs.


The basic structure consist of very few components including frames with a base, beams, uprights and decking, making the system very quick to and easy to assemble and cost-effective.

Space saving

The adjustability long span shelving offers allows more to be stored within the same space and its thanks to its durability that long span shelving can be built as tall as the height space in the room allows. This is known as multi-tier shelving and is configured using walkways at various levels which are accessed by a staircase.  Lifts and chutes can also be fitted to help streamline the transportation of goods in high volume. In effect, a multi0tiered long span shelving system can multiply the existing surface area without the cost or disruption of creating a larger footprint area.


Short Span Shelving

Ideal for small light weight items which can be loaded by hand, short span shelving systems are commonly used in warehouse, factory, office and clinical environments. This is a system which provides effective storage for anything from small parts to documentation and can keep such items organised with the use of drawers, dividers, and bins and filing cradles for example.  

Space saving

Short span shelving can be designed in such a way that you are able to maximise storage capacity within the unit with optimised shelf positioning and because the shelves are used for hand loaded goods without the need for handling equipment, the walkway can be narrowed in order to add more rows

Mobile Shelving

This dynamic solution mimics the short span shelving system only this is a movable version as the units are mounted onto a mobile base. The most common reasons to use a mobile shelving system are to:

Significantly increase storage capacity – Row after row of shelving can be enclosed to create one larger, but compact unit. This allows more rows within the same surface area. Access is a little slower as the enclosed unit must be opened one aisle at a time so this would be suited to low turnover inventory only.

Protect inventory – for those facilities handling high value or confidential items, mobile shelving offers extra security and protection given that the goods are securely held within a unit which needs to be opened to access.

How mobile shelving works

As mentioned above the condensed shelves are mounted onto a mobile base and in order to open a single aisle at a time there is a choice of manual or electronic controls. The manual control opens the aisle as it is turned by hand and the electronic version requires he press of a button to open.

Carton Live Shelving

This is a fast moving dynamic shelving system offering significant space utilisation and for those handling perishable goods, the First-in First-out (FIFO) operating method supports automation in stock rotation. Picking is highly optimised as a result and time spent picking can be reduced by up to 40%. Without much effort, this is a system which saves money and time to a noticeable degree and as a result, productivity is increased and profitability is advanced.

The saviour of multi-pick operations

When used in conjunction with pallet racking, carton live can simplify the process of managing palletised loads. Carton live shelving in the place of the bottom level of a pallet racking system makes it easier to take individual items from the nearby pallets and place them on the shelves.  A multi tiered picking system can also be created using mezzanine levels to place carton live shelving in close proximity of tall racking structures. Through bespoke design, the most optimal configuration can be created to suit your individual needs to ensure your space is maximised whilst processes are streamlined.

Gravity assisted movement

After being taken from a pallet and individually placed onto the deep running carton live shelf, the natural force of gravity allows movement assisted by the rollers which run the depth of the shelf space. Items will move automatically from the loading point to the opposite side where they remain until picked. The first item to be loaded will be first in line to be picked, prompted by the natural sequence embedded in the system. Items loaded later will rest behind the first items and move forward as picking continues; meanwhile replenishment continues to ensure a streamlined and continual cycle.

Short span shelving
Mobile Shelving system
Carton live dynamic system
Carton Live Shelving integreated into a pallet racking system
Carton-live picking system

Your Warehouse Shelving Design

Right on your doorstep is our warehouse shelving Leeds designers and they are ready to meet you in person, on site and at your convenience. At no cost to yourself our designer will assess your space and take time to understand your operational requirements in order to create a solution completely unique to your needs. This design will be sent directly too you along with a non-obligatory quotation.

Your warehouse shelving installation:

At WSL our highly professional and experienced team of Leeds shelving installers will be on site ready to take the delivery of your solution on the agreed date and will assemble your solution within the agreed time-scale before leaving the site in a clean and tidy state. The team’s friendliness makes them very approachable and they will always very happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Overseeing the installation will be your WSL Project Manager who will keep you up-to-date with progress, whilst ensuring health ad safety is prioritised throughout the installation process and on completion.

Your Warehouse Shelving Leeds Stockist

Supporting the occupants of the ever-growing shed count in Yorkshire and surrounding regions has prompted WSL to invest in shed space ourselves in order to better support our clients. WSL is to expand its existing on-site warehouse to create over 25,000 square foot of storage space, creating a much larger stockiest warehouse and this will sit alongside our manufacturing hub and offices.  WSL is currently utilising our small on-site warehouse to ease the pressures of supply chain issues on our clients and instead meet their time-sensitive deadlines wherever we can. The current warehouse space is enable WSL to provide timely solution for the most common solutions such as long span shelving, however once the new warehouse is complete, WSL intends to stock a much wider range of components for all types of shelving and racking solutions, in great volumes.

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