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Westmill Foods : Racking Systems

In summer 2018, Warehouse Systems Ltd completed a large racking project for a Westmill Foods Limited who specialise in the provision of food goods.

Established in 1988 Westmill have enjoyed continual growth and with the accumulation of numerous quality brands they have significantly enhanced their portfolio. As an industry leading business Westmill operates from 3 large sites in the UK as well as a European office in Amsterdam.

To accommodate their increasing growth expectations, Westmill required an extension to their existing warehouse in Manchester to house additional storage facilities. The additional floor space was to store 4,108 pallets, with heights ranging from 1,300mm to 2,275mm. To keep costs to a minimum WSL designed the racking in the most economical fashion, with the heaviest pallets being stored on the floor and the first beam level as low to ground level as possible.

Due to the nature of their business, Westmill were unable to provide a complete shutdown of their warehouse. WSL are familiar with planning work in phases so that a client can continue to operate throughout the installation. In this instance, the WSL project managers liaised extensively with the management team at Westmill, proceeding with one area of racking to be fully completed and filled with product before works commenced on the next area.

While the initial phase was ongoing, the Westmills health and safety advisor requested pallet support bars as an addition to the project. These additional support bars are attached between beams to reduce the risk of pallets falling through the racking in the event of operator error. A quick turnaround was made on a quotation, order and delivery, with almost 6,000 pallet support bars installed within the racking. This additional work did not affect the project’s timeline.

Throughout the project, all materials were delivered and installed on-time and within the agreed budgets, with the result being a safe and efficient storage area for pallets of food product within this large warehouse extension.

WSL continue to work closely with this client, providing them with racking and storage solutions at their sites across the U.K.

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