Selecting The Right Pallet Racking

Create a successful warehouse and improve business performance with the right pallet racking system for your facility.

Warehouse Systems Limited has the experience, knowledge and enterprise to help you choose the most suitable system for your particular operations.

The purpose of a warehouse is to manage the flow of goods within the supply chain. A warehouse (sometimes referred to as a distribution centre, fulfilment centre, logistic centre, hub, or shed) is a commercial building with a large space where a high volume of goods are received, stored and despatched. The items passing through the warehouse can be anything from raw materials to finished goods. They all rely on a vital structural piece of equipment built into their facility – a pallet racking system.

A pallet racking system aids the safe storage of goods in a palletised form. The racks hold the pallets securely on numerous levels in horizontal and vertical rows. A key feature within a warehouse, the pallet racking system plays an important role in the management of inventory.

Although the overall function of a warehouse is to handle goods passing through the building. Each facility has its own unique operational needs. It is essential that you choose a pallet racking system to suit your particular storage requirements. An investment in the wrong type of pallet racking system can obstruct your overall business operations and lead to disaster, whereas the right pallet racking system can have a positive impact, enabling growth and prosperity.

How To Select The Right Pallet Racking

Before selecting a pallet racking system it’s important to explore the different types of pallet racking options available, whilst keeping your long term goals at the forefront of your final decision. Here at WSL we use our experience, knowledge and enterprise to help you choose the most suitable system for your particular operation. We will take the time to understand your current needs and long term goals, whilst considering the space you have available, the various factors within your organisation before advising you on the best solution for your individual business objectives.

There are a number of factors that can influence the design process of your racking system which would need to be established early. This will help to ensure that the design of your pallet racking will accomplish the desired intention. To fully understand your storage requirements and design the solution that fulfils your exact business needs, below are some important details that would need to be taken into account:

  • What are the dimensions of your warehouse?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you require office space within the warehouse?
  • How much space will you need for loading and un-loading areas?
  • At what speed will goods be passing through your warehouse?
  • How many pallet spaces will you require?
  • How big will the pallets need to be?
  • Will the goods be the same or varied?
  • What is the size of the items will you be storing?
  • Will you be holding perishable stock with a maximum shelf life?
  • Does your stock need to be held in a temperature controlled area?
  • How heavy are the goods?
  • If you already have forklift trucks? If so, what type are they?

Once we have a full understanding of your business requirements we can advise you on the best design to match your current and future expectations. With such a wide variety of pallet racking solutions available we will use our skills and product knowledge to design a pallet racking system to suit your particular business objectives. We can provide plans and detail drawings to help you visualise your bespoke pallet racking system.

How We Can Help

A Selection of Pallet Racking Systems:


Mobile Racking

A very versatile system which provides 100% direct access to all pallets as and when required, whilst using up to 90% of your floor area for pallet racking. Significantly increase storage capacity with the installation of mobile racking which consists of standard pallet racking secured to laterally sliding guide bases, eliminating the usual fixed access aisles. An operator uses an onboard control panel or remote control to order a certain aisle to open. The process automatically provides direct access to specific goods stored in the chosen rack.

Pallet Live

Drastically enhance productivity through speed and high storage density. With the use of only two aisles, one for loading and one for picking this system allows for more space to be used purely for storage. Using the FIFO (First In- First Out) method. Once a pallet has been loaded it will slide gently towards the picking aisle. The pallets form a queue with the first loaded at the front, ready to be picked first, this makes it ideal for the storage or perishable goods. There is no requirement for specialist fork lift trucks with this system, it can be designed to be used with any type of truck

Cantilever Racking

A robust system which has been specifically designed to provide safe and effective storage for long, heavy and oddly shaped items both indoors and outside. Products such as pipes, timber and carpets for example would not suitably fit on other racking system types. These can be single or double sided, the stored items are laid across the cantilevered arms which are supported by a heavy duty column. The system is manufactured to your specification, however it is adaptable to meet potential changes in your requirements as and when they happen. A conventional fork lift truck can be used for this type of racking.

Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)

This pallet racking system sometimes referred to as “standard pallet racking” is highly popular due to its simplicity and the flexibility it offers. This highly versatile option can be structured to your operational needs. Easily adjustable, the beam levels (which support the pallets) can be repositioned as and when required. They system allows easy and direct access with the use of conventional fork lift trucks.

Narrow Aisle Racking/ Very Narrow Aisle Racking (VNA)

Take advantage of the height in your warehouse whilst making the most of limited floor area. By narrowing down the aisle between the racks and increasing the height of the racks, you can greatly intensify your storage capacity. Specialist fork lift trucks are to be used for this system (they are designed specifically to safely operate at the required height within the restricted width of the aisle). This is a perfect solution for any warehouse building which has sufficient height clearance and limited footprint area.

Double Deep Racking

A solution which works in a similar way to standard pallet racking, using the adjustable beam levels to accommodate variable requirements, however this system allows a significant increase in storage capacity by enabling you to store at two pallets deep. Loading and picking from the same aisle enabling more racks and fewer aisles. In order to reach the pallets on double deep racking, specialist trucks are required.

Heavy Duty Racks

Similar to standard pallet racking, but where the standard system has a limited weight capacity, heavy duty pallet racking can achieve bay loadings of typically 20,000Kgs plus or loads per level in excess of 4,000kgs (depending on level overall dimensions).We achieve this by moving away from standard manufactured racking parts, instead selecting structural universal beam (UB) sections of the sort more commonly found in buildings. As a manufacturer (CE EXC2), we can design, manufacture and build your bespoke racking to your specific loads and environment. Heavy duty pallet racking systems are usually accessed by high capacity counterbalance forklifts.

Drive in & Drive Through Pallet Racking

Ideal for storage of the same palletised products in large repetitive volumes. Both drive-in and drive-through pallet racking provide a high degree of compact storage, enabling maximum utilisation of your warehouse space. This is because pallets can be stored back-to-back and floor-to-ceiling safely with the assistance of supporting rails running through the depth of the system, allowing easy loading and retrieval. If stock rotation is of greatest importance, the Drive-Through system would be the best option as it allows for stock rotation using the FIFO (First In- First Out) method. The drive-in system has only one access aisle, therefore it uses the FILO (First In- Last Out) method, which is suitable for none-perishable stock. The system is generally suitable for conventional fork lift trucks or can be designed around the fork lift truck system you currently use.

Shuttle Racking

This high density storage system is a great option for a busy warehouse with the requirement to store multiple pallets per SKU. Remote controlled shuttles are used to assist in the movement of palletised goods by carrying them along the deep tunnelled rack. A large percentage of the work is carried out by the electronic shuttle which reduces the need for human intervention. The duties required by the fork lift truck operator are significantly reduced to loading and unloading the pallets, whilst the shuttle moves the pallets within the racks into the desired position. There are no open aisles between the racks, which creates more storage, making this a very efficient compact storage solution.

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We can also offer a range of storage and handling solutions from our Leeds based production facility:

  • Light Duty Racks/Shelving
  • Garment Storage Racks
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Barriers
  • Handrails
  • Many bespoke Items
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