Pallet Racking Costs

A chaotic storage area can be very frustrating, time consuming and costly. If you want to de-clutter, arrange stock efficiently and simplify access whilst running a successful operation in a utilized space, then pallet racking could be the right solution for you. Pallet racking is hugely popular in warehouses and industrial units across the UK.

When considering the prospect of a new pallet racking system, there are many aspects to consider including the cost. A pallet racking system is a leading storage solution which can shape your industrial building and transform your operation; however the uncertainty of the initial cost can be something of a concern.

WSL can help with any unease regarding cost, simply and easily by understanding your particular requirements before providing the best and most cost effective solution to suit your exact needs, with the aim of saving you time, money and extra work.

We’ll produce a bespoke pallet racking design that will maximise your space, support the needs of your inventory and simplify your operational processes. Through these competences, pallet racking costs can be limited and profitability heightened.

Experienced and efficient we can answer your questions, produce drawings and plans and turn quotes around quickly for you.

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how it works

the process

Initial Contact


The initial call will be to obtain some basic information, such as the location of the project, the company, contact details and a brief summary of what you are looking for. The advisor will then arrange to meet with you and visit the site in order to discuss more in depth your requirements and how we may be able to help you.

The Free Site Survey

A site survey is a crucial part of the design stage as it allows us to gain an insight before creating any plans. During the site survey we will inspect the site where the proposed works are to be carried out to ensure the site is safe for the installation of racking and identify any potential problem areas early in the process. We will look at the space you have and after gathering information about your overall operations, flow of goods, goals and budget. We will work with you to achieve the optimal solution for you your operations.

The Free Plans and Drawings


After the site survey is complete and we have gathered all necessary information, are able to produce alternative layouts with the advantage of the Computer-Aided Design software AutoCAD. This advanced drafting software system allows realistic visualisation your facility once fitted out with your chosen new racking system.

how we help

Free No Obligation Quotation

Once the plans have been drawn up and prices have been put together you will receive a bespoke racking proposal which has been put together for you. This is a detailed document that should be read carefully and thoroughly. There are two main sections in this document:



This section would contain a drawing preview of your chosen racking system layout, followed by a brief description of the project. It goes on to provide more in depth information about the racking system and components, revealing quantities, measurements, types and load bearing capacity. Health and safety information is also provided as well as CDM regulations, before installation information.


Here you will find a budget quotation to supply, deliver and install your new pallet racking system. The installation program is also listed followed by lead time, payment terms and quote validity. A separate quotation for supplementary options is also found in this section, for such things as protection barriers, mesh cordoning and weight spreading ancillaries.

Cost assumptions

There will be many factors taken into account when providing the quotation for your pallet racking. The site survey allows us to provide the most accurate price, after discussing your requirements and advising you on the various options available too you. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation and free site survey.

In order to provide a rough idea of cost we have had to make some assumptions:

  • Pallet weight – 1,000K.Gs
  • Pallet size U.K pallet (1,200X1, 000mm) stored on the 1,200mm face.
  • Wide aisle racking assume 6 pallets in height (Including ground floor)
  • Narrow aisle racking assume 8 pallets in height (including ground floor)
  • Drive in racking assume an economical layout of 8 deep X 5 wide X 4 pallets tall
  • Below Prices do not include VAT
  • Below Prices include: materials, delivery & Install
  • Below prices assume a quantity of at least £10,000.00 of materials have been ordered.
  • Below prices assume slab quality is good & no spreader plates are required
Completed pallet racking installation for Northern Monk Brewery

Pallet Racking Estimates

The following costings are provided as a rough outline and to be taken in light of the assumptions provided below. Depending on the type of Pallet Racking, the starting cost per pallet location can range from £43.

Like almost all products, pallet racking follows standard economies of scale. Generally, the cost per pallet location will decrease as scale is increased.

Wide Aisle Racking

Cost per pallet location: supply and install – from £43


Narrow Aisle Racking

Cost per pallet location: supply and install – from £46.00

Drive In Racking

Cost per pallet location: Supply and install from £69.00


Push Back Racking

Cost on application

Shuttle Racking

Cost on on application


As dynamic systems, there are numerous variations to consider when costing a pushback or shuttle racking system which is why we are unable to provide an idea of minimum cost per pallet location.

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