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How Much Does A Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Cost?

Feb 7, 2018 | Mezzanine Floors

How Much Will my Mezzanine Floor Cost?

One of the most popular search phrases related to mezzanine floors, is “how much does a mezzanine floor cost?” The question is valid; no one wants to start planning a project without knowing the budget. Some mezzanine flooring companies provide a cost calculator, where a prospective client inserts the mezzanine measurements and a price estimate is given.

At WSL, we urge caution when using these calculators. They may be able to give you an estimated price for the amount of steel that will be used to build a basic structure; but once all additional details are taken into account, the actual price could be many multiples of the amount suggested. Therefore a calculator widget is unlikely to give you even a vague idea of eventual costing.

The best way to get an accurate cost for your proposed mezzanine design is to book an appointment with a member of our highly experienced sales team. Each team member is specially trained in order to arrive at an accurate figure for your mezzanine floor, taking into account all of the issues below;

What weight will the mezzanine support?

A mezzanine that will be multiple tiers, or be used for storage will require a stable foundation underneath. This may require excavating down to the bedrock and piling in order to ensure a firm foundation. This can be an expensive process. Conversely, a lightweight office mezzanine on top of an already well laid cement floor may require none or very little in the way of additional foundations. WSL can arrange tests on concrete and are able to install the foundation if required.

A mezzanine carrying a large amount of weight may need a deck that is more substantial than the standard 38mm HD particle board. There may also be a necessity for additional primary or secondary beams. WSL engineers can produce a design to take almost any weight; but in most cases the larger the weight capacity, the higher the cost will be.

The WSL design team will evaluate the usage of your mezzanine floor, in order to gauge an accurate load requirement.


Access requirements will vary depending on usage. A storage floor may need goods lifts or pallet gates. A retail mezzanine generally requires stairs for the general public, as well as lift access. WSL are knowledgeable on all aspects of building regulations and will therefore be able to offer professional advice on what access you will require, based on your intended usage.


A number of building, safety and fire regulations need to be taken into account for every building project. These will be based on multiple issues including where the mezzanine is, what size it will be and who will be using the floor. For example, a mezzanine with a high personnel occupancy, such as a call centre, may require more means of escape than a floor used exclusively for storage. Regulations will affect the number and type of access routes and whether you need fire cladding, sprinkler systems and fire barriers. The WSL sales team will be able to advise on which legislation you are required to adhere to, as well as being able to calculate costing for fulfilling this criteria.

The size of the mezzanine

The height, depth and width of the mezzanine will need to be taken into account, as well as the number of tiers you would like. You will also need to think about the column grid supporting the mezzanine floor. Columns that are further apart mean that there is more access underneath the mezzanine, but the heavier steel required to hold the extra weight may make the project more expensive. Columns that are closer together may make the project less expensive, but the multiple columns may make free access more difficult underneath the mezzanine.

In some cases, you will find that the sales team, after consultation with our design team, may make suggestions for a different shape or size of mezzanine than you had originally anticipated in order to fit your budget or requirements.

Additional items

The team will take into account any additional features that you require. WSL are experienced in all aspects of mezzanine production and storage systems, offering an inclusive service from design, to finishing. WSL can supply and install staircases, lifts, electrics, fire safety equipment, barriers, insulation, and lighting – and all to any specifications that fit within your budget. An office or retail mezzanine may include walls, special flooring, lighting; even the addition of windows to the existing building structure if applicable.

Any special installation requirements

WSL are experienced at ensuring all work is carried out with minimum disruption to the working environment. This includes working quickly, as well as, in some cases working through the night; for example in retail mezzanines, so that the store can stay open during the day. Anything that will require overtime for construction personnel may incur additional charges that can be calculated into the costs.

The total project value?

The cost involves all the varied and complex issues mentioned above. The WSL sales team works closely with the design and manufacturing teams to ensure that they can give each prospective client a highly accurate estimate based on their individual requirements and circumstances, as well as offering advice on aspects of the design that the client may not yet have thought of. The quote is free, with no obligation to go ahead with a project, meaning that you can get an accurate price before you start to plan. The sales team can visit you within one or two working days, turning quotes around swiftly so that you can get your project off the ground as quickly as you wish. Call us today if you would like to discuss your mezzanine requirements or book a visit from the WSL sales team.

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