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For mezzanine floors Manchester call WSL on 0161 8711050 and speak to your local expert team.  Throughout Manchester, WSL operate to produce the most optimal spaces for the city’s businesses through the implementation of bespoke mezzanine floor solutions. With the prominent presence of retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries across Manchester, the mezzanine floor solution is fast becoming the ideal option as businesses in this major city look to adapt to an ever changing environment.

Whether your Manchester facility supports a global, regional or local enterprise, if working areas are beginning to feel tight, the mezzanine floor solution is the perfect opportunity to insert further operational space without relocation or a building expansion.  If you have the height space, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to transform your space as a team who will handle every aspect of your project from bespoke design, to UKCA certified manufacturing and installation and as a Full SEMA Member, you can be assured of our extremely high quality and safety standards.

Computerised bespoke mezzanine floor plan
Basic strucure beams
Fire rated retail mezzanine floor with glass infill and stainless steel rails

A Customised Mezzanine Floor Solution

Rather than a default application, an individual approach is used to create a mezzanine floor due to differing business types, space dimensions and uses for the platform. For some mezzanine floors, the requirements are simple and straight forward and for others, the requirements can be a little more complex, however at WSL, no mezzanine floor project is problematic. This is because we design and manufacture your bespoke mezzanine floor solution in-house before delivering the components to site and installing the structure for you. Our internal capabilities mean that your project is not compromised by the constraints of third party involvement or marginal costs and instead we use the skills and talent of our experienced team whose ability to communicate directly adds more flexibility and customisation to your project.  

Components Used to Create Your Mezzanine Floor Structure

A mezzanine floor structure created by WSL is made up steel components, all of which are fabricated by the engineering team who operate under the same roof as our design technicians, eliminating any potential communication barrier. These components include columns, beams. Staircases, hand rail and edge protection as well as pallet gates and column guards where applicable.

Beyond the Steel structure, Fire rating is fitted where required, decking is placed and infills to the edge protection.  The mezzanine is the fitted with furnishings, fixtures and equipment required for its use whether that’s office furniture and partitions, retail display shelving units or industrial storage systems. The intended use of the mezzanine floor is crucial to the design as the structure’s weight load bearings must be safely appropriate.

Let’s Begin With Your Free Manchester Site Survey

Mezzanine floors Manchester can only be created on the basis of a detailed assessment of the space and a good understanding of your operational needs, so wherever you are in the city we have a highly experienced Design Technician ready to meet you on site.

Arranged at your convenience, the survey provides the perfect opportunity for you to throw light on your current situation, enabling our technician to offer advice using extensive knowledge and experience along with an insight to your operational needs.

The space will be measured and inspected for potencies as well as potential obstacles allowing the designer to draw up conclusions on options available too you.  By the end of the visit you’ll have the answers to any questions you may have had and our design technician will have everything needed to design your bespoke solution which will be sent to you along with a non obligatory quotation.

The bespoke design of your mezzanine floor solution will be purposefully created to ensure maximum support for your operation whilst using the existing space within your four walls to do so. Whatever the size and however many levels your mezzanine floor solution may have, the plans which are unique to your facility and operation will enable you to visualise the solution in place and it’s potential to transform your operation.

Your Mezzanine Floor Project – What To Expect

If your happy with the solution and quotation and confirm you want to go ahead with the mezzanine floor project, the WSL team can take care of everything from manufacturing the mezzanine floor components, delivery, installation, project management, CDM, health and safety and building control. You will be appointed a WSL Project Manager from order placement who will keep you informed throughout the manufacturing process whilst making preparations to ensure everything is in place for the agreed start date on site.

On the first day of the installation process our team of professional installers will be on site to receive the components as they arrive on the back of an HGV. The team will offload the parts and organise them in accordance to the process. Whilst overseeing the installation process, your Project Manager will ensure health and safety is prioritised and maintained throughout whilst keeping you informed on progress. Each of our friendly and approachable installers have a wealth of experience and knowledge, so should you have any questions at any time, please do just ask! They work very tidily too, so once they have completed the works your site will be free of any debris or packaging relating to the build.

Before the structure can be signed off, a UK Building Regulations Officer will arrive on site to inspect the final structure to ensure it has been constructed in accordance to the plans which has passed building control. Again this is something WSL organises on your behalf, giving you one less thing to worry about and all signed off paperwork will be handed over to you for safe keeping.

Multi tier storage mezzanine
retail mezzanine with Y shaped staircase
office mezzanine floor
WSL receptionist taking a mezzanine floor enquiry phonecall

Enquire Today About Your Manchester Mezzanine Floor Project

Whenever you’re on the lookout for mezzanine floors Manchester, a WSL Design Technician is never too far away.  WSL is a name trusted by countless businesses in and around Manchester so why not give is a call on 0161 8711050 and discover how a mezzanine floor could be the saviour of your workspace.



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