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Is cost the only thing holding you back from implementing your ideal storage solutions? If so, have you considered funding your project using finance? Having partnered with a trusted asset finance provider, this is now an option WSL can offer our customers!

The asset finance route will make your much needed storage solutions much more affordable, whilst minimising risk and alleviating financial anxieties…..

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What is asset finance?

Asset finance provides the funding whilst you implement the effective structures and solutions required to enhance your operation. In smaller, monthly installments and over an agreed term, the cost is then gradually repaid, eliminating the need to pay the full costs at the time of the project.
Whilst bespoke inventory and space management solutions are seen as a returnable investment, the initial expense may eat into your working capital and this is something many business owners would rather avoid. Asset finance gives you another option and that is to push ahead with your project feeling assured that the cost is broken down into easy, affordable monthly repayments.

Who uses asset finance?

Asset finance is available to any business of any size including small start-ups looking to reserve their capital for other important purchases, to large and well established enterprises undergoing further growth and would simply prefer to spread the cost of their new installations.

Here's an example...

Alan who owns a successful business specialising in the retail of children’s shoes has been operating in his new warehouse space since spring 2021. The relocation to the larger space allowed a higher demand of online sales to be met, however growth has been continual and two years on the space is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Alan was reluctantly contemplating the idea of moving again, but found it would be financially unviable and having already moved recently, the risk of business disruption would be too high. With no scope to extend the building due to limited funds, he decided to explore the option of expanding his usable floor space through the implementation of an office mezzanine floor. The plans drawn up by a WSL Design Technician presented a comfortable office space on the mezzanine level, offering adequate workstations, WC’s, a meeting room and staff canteen. With all of this above the ground floor level, the designer was able to incorporate plans for a much needed long span shelving solution on the ground floor directly beneath the mezzanine level.

The plans featured a detailed quotation, payment terms and also the option to fund the project using finance. A typical calculation was provided, something Alan was keen to explore further and with the use of the easy online calculation tool, he was able to adjust the deposit and term length and this resulted in a monthly repayment amount to suit his budget.

For Alan, the fact that he can acquire the solutions needed to properly support his growing business, whilst spreading the costs has given him a good handle on cash flow, and he can now reserve his capital for future needs.

mezzanine floors in leeds
Mezzanine goods chute

Is finance for my project a good idea?

For a business to grow properly investment is essential and whilst the amount you invest is hugely important, there should be equal emphasis on how you invest. Obtaining appropriate finance is a smart way to invest for business owners who would rather spread the cost with affordable monthly repayments.  If you’re wondering whether buying your storage solutions using finance is the right method for you, take a look at the benefits:

Simplifies budgeting

Once the terms of repayments are finalised, you will know how much you’re paying each month and for how long. The cost of your new pallet live racking installation for example, will be blended into your other monthly outgoings and therefore is managed as part of your monthly cash flows. Your working capital remains untouched giving you the opportunity to save it or make other crucial purchases.

No need to wait!

If your operation requires the immediate installation of a multi-tier shelving solution, but the funds needed for this are not immediately available, then this when asset finance can make all the difference. The monthly repayment option means you don’t need to keep searching for the immediate funds, yet your solutions can be implemented without delay!

Fewer limitations

Because the asset finance method increases affordability, the most effective solutions for your operation become more accessible. With affordability you may choose wired mesh which is a more durable decking material for your racks, rather than chipboard which will likely need replacing more often and costing you more in the long term. Or you may choose the push back racking option over the double deep racking option despite it being more expensive because it offers a much higher storage capacity and allows you to fully maximise your space.

What is the minimum project cost for finance?

Asset finance is available for any project over the cost of 50k!

Get an indicative quote!

Use this calculator to discover an estimation of monthly repayments as you adjust the deposit and term to suit your needs! (This is an approximation only)

For more accuracy, start with a project quote!

With an accurate quotation for your project, you can obtain a precise finance quotation! Get in touch today!

If you’re still interested in finance after your project costs are confirmed, we’ll put you in touch with our finance partners who can draw up an accurate monthly repayment plan based on your project cost, preferred repayment term and deposit.

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